List of all verified vendors of forum

Why you should buy from verified seller's?????

All Verified seller have some deposit in iForum-4-U which means they are trust worthy to deal with them but a warning
don'tdeal with them then higher amount of deposited by them into iForum-4-u verified account.but yet you don't have
believe on them then just deal with them after notifying admin or any relative staff so then in case of dispute
forum staff will wait 3-4 days for the vendor to finish it if he didn't then and if Customer provide necessary proof
that the following Vendor take money but didn't provide the stuff for what he get Paid he will get suspended from
Verified selling post and banned from the forum forever yet you wont lost even single penny.

Warning In case of Dispute with Mentioned Rippers or Unverified seller iForum-4-u Admin and Staff not responsible for your loss...!!

If any name Mentions in more then one category it does not means they submit security for each category so just deal with them after
notifying any reasonable staff.

Authorized Forum Accounts
These are the authorize forum money accounts don't send money in other account not mentioned here before confirmation from admin and staff.

U2984288 (iForum4u Main Escrow)

Authorized Forum Staff Accounts

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Display Format

iForum-4-u ID name : $Deposited amount in Forum account for limit to deal

CCV =1
Fullz =2
Dumps Tracks 2 =3
Bank Logins =4
Other Logins =5
Other =6
Exchangers =7
Mig33 id's =8
Mig33 Credit =9

****** Other == Mig33 voting, Hacking services Etc


Nelson , hirenshinde ,


Nelson Deposit in forum Account is : $150
Hatim Deposit in forum Account is : $250
HEADMASTER Deposit in forum Account is : $75
hirenshinde :


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